Ideal Family Church

   Bishop Ray Campbell, Pastor

Bishop Ray Campbell, Founder & Pastor 

Bishop Ray Campbell was born and raised in Crosby, Mississippi. He is the Senior Pastor and Founder of the Ideal Family Church located at 1000 East Red Bird Lane, Dallas, TX 75241. He has been the Senior Pastor for over 49 years. He is married to First Lady Sheila Campbell, and they share a great love for their children and grandchildren.

Bishop Campbell has hosted the "Hour of Faith" radio broadcast for over 30 years, where he prays for the many needs of people all across the world. His favorite saying is, "I make my living by giving," and he has demonstrated his love and generosity by reaching out to others inside and outside of his church. He is the writer, director and producer of the plays, "What's Behind the Makeup" and "The Prodigal's Son."